May 2, 2016 by Samuel M

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Enjoy classic safaris in Style

May 22, 2016by Samuel M

Day Twenty Eight: The First Mount Kenya Pass

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With magnificent views of majestic Mount Kenya, Bornwild Adventures Helps you choose over 130 luxuriously appointed guest rooms, set in over 100 acres of landscaped for your Trip Adventure

Jun 9, 2017 by Samuel M

Plan your Holiday African Safari in style
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We will help you plan the most exciting African Holiday Safari Visit for you and your Family



Experience Unique Safaris Adventures & vacation in East Africa.

Your safari can range from simple tent camping in national parks to luxury lodges, in any combination, all at an affordable price. Bornwild Adventures offers unique Safaris Adventures & vacation experiences in East Africa. We will take you to the most beautiful wonders of the earth. Explore the most amazing landscapes wildlife adventures and weekend gateways.